About Asking and Giving

1. Asking and giving for help

Asking for help                                                           Giving for help

Can you help me please? * Can I help you, please?

Can you bring my book, please? * May I help you?

Could you bring my book, please? * What can I do for you?

Would you bring my book, please?

Will you bring my book, please?

If you agree to help                                                    If you agree

Yes, of course * Yes, of course

Certainly * Sure

Sure * Certainly

Ok * With pleasure

All right * I’d love to…

If you don’t agree refuse to help                          If you don’t agree

I’m sorry I can’t because… * No, thanks.

2. Asking and giving for things

    Asking for things

    Would you mind to borrow me your pen, please?

    May I borrow your pen, please?

    May I have your pen, please?

    Can you lend me your book, please?

    Would you give me your food, please?

    If you agree to give the things                             If you don’t agree

    Yes, of course * I’m sorry I can’t because.

    Sure * I’ve only one pen

    Certainly Here you are

    All right Here it is


    With pleasure

    I’d love to…

    3. Asking and giving for factual information

      Question Words                : what, when, where, whom, whose, which, what time, how, how many, how much, how long, how old, how far, who, why, how tall, how high, how large, etc.

      Example       :

      What do you need?

      When do you arrive here?

      Where do you live?

      Whom are you calling?

      How many bars of salt does Dian buy?

      Whose book is this, is it yours?

      Which one do you want?

      What time do you go to school?

      How do you spell CAT?

      How much are the things?

      4. Asking and giving for opinion

        Asking for opinions

        What do you think of this dress?

        What do you think about this test?

        What is your opinion about my home?

        What do you think about my new shoes?

        What about you?

        Giving for opinions

        Not bad

        That’s good

        I think she’s good and diligent

        Yeah, it’s a good idea

        According to me, he is….

        In my mind…

        In my opinion…

        In my view…

        I feel…

        I think…

        5. Stating like and dislike.

        Example       :

        What food do you like?

        What is your favorite food?

        What do you like to do in your spare time?

        Which one do you like reading or painting?

        What kind of food do you like?

        Response      :

        I like.   .. * I don’t like…

        I love… * I’m not fond of…

        I really enjoy… * I can’t stand…

        I’m really fond of… * I am not interested in…

        I’m keen on…

        I prefer reading to painting

        I’m crazy about…

        6. Asking for clarification

        We use this expression if we don’t understand or can’t listen well what the Speaker says.

        Below are useful expressions when asking for clarification:

        I’m sorry. I think I lost you. Can you say it again?

        Could you please explain that to me again?

        Could you please repeat?

        Could you say that again, please?

        What did you say?

        What hospital?

        Turn left, am I correct?

        Did you say “Second Street”?

        Below are common expressions used to ask for directions:

        Do you know how to get to the airport?

        Do you know where the airport is?

        How do I get to the airport?

        How far is the airport from here?

        Can you tell me where the airport is?

        Could you please tell me how to get to the airport?

        Is this way to the airport?

        Where is the airport?

        What’s the best way to the airport?

        Before you start asking for directions, it is polite to use the following expressions:

        Excuse me

        Pardon me

        Sorry to bother you

        Do you have a minute to help me?

        Below are common expressions used to give directions:

        Go straight

        Go along

        Turn left

        Turn right

        Take a left on First Street

        Go pass the post office

        Head toward the bridge

        Cross the road.

        Below are common prepositions used to give directions.


        Next to

        Across from/opposite

        In front of



        On the corner of

        Near/close to.


        The New Student

        Dian is the new student in Tania’s class.  She is from Lampung. And then, she introduces her self.

        Miss Lisa    : Good morning, students.

        Students      : Good morning, Miss.

        Miss Lisa    : We have a new student. Her name is Dian Erma. She is from Lampung. Ok Dian, please                 introduce yourself.

        Dian           : Yes Miss. Good morning friends. How do you do

        Students      : How do you do.

        Dian           : I’m Dian Erma Ware Tidolf Sihite. I’m from Lampung. You can call me Dian. I was born in Medan, December 17th, 1996. Nice to meet you. Any question?

        Tania          : I’m Tania. Could you tell me where your house is?

        Dian           : Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to say it to you. I live at Sultan Syarief Qasim Gang Papaya, number 5.

        Tania          : Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t know where it is. How do I get to your house? Maybe I can play to your house.

        Dian           : Yes, from here, you go along Street Ki Hadjar Dewantara, and then you’ll find cross road.  And then, you turn right. Go ahead, you’ll find Papaya narrow street and you turn right, go ahead and you will find a house has a blue fence. That’s my house.

        Tania         : Ok, thanks.

        Dian          : Not at all.

        Miss Lisa   : Ok Dian, you can sit beside Tania.

        In the rest, Tania and Dian speak about Riau and Lampung.

        Tania        :  What are there in Lampung?

        Dian         :  There are Sumatera Elephants in Lampung. Sumatera Elephants are very famous in Lampung. How about Riau?

        Tania        :  Oh, great. There is a museum in Riau.

        Dian         :  How about Perawang?

        Tania        :  There is a mall here. The name of the mall is Ramayana.

        Dian         :  Wow, Do you know how to get there?

        Tania        :  Sure. Go ahead, pass the cross road, go along street Sultan Muhammad Ali until you get the second cross road. And then turn right and go straight. Finally you’ll find Ramayana on the  left side of the street in front of Serba Enam Ribu.

        Dian         :  I am sorry, I lost you, could you please say that again? I will find Ramayana in the right side. Is it true?

        Tania        : No! You will find Ramayana in the left side in front of Serba Enam Ribu.

        Dian         :  Ok, thank you.

        Tania        :  Not at all.

        Dian         :  Tania, the time is up and we must continue our lesson.

        Tania       :  Ok.


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